Definition of Remark

What is a Remark?

A remark is a comment or statement made about something that has been noticed or observed. It is a way for people to express their thoughts, opinions, or reactions to a particular situation, event, or topic. Remarking is a common form of communication and can be spoken or written.

Origin of the word

The word “remark” originated from the Middle French word “remarquer,” which means “to mark again.” It was derived from the Latin word “re” meaning “again” and “marcāre” meaning “to mark.” Over time, the meaning of the word evolved to represent the act of making a comment or statement about something.

Where can you find remarks in everyday life?

We encounter remarks in our everyday lives, whether it’s in conversations with friends and family, at school during discussions, or even online through comments on social media posts and videos. Whenever someone says or writes something about what they have observed or experienced, it can be considered a remark.

Synonyms and comparison

Synonyms for “remark” include “comment,” “observation,” “statement,” and “opinion.” Remarks are similar to reviews or feedback, as they all involve expressing thoughts or reactions.

So, what exactly is a remark?

A remark is like a little note you make about something that catches your attention. It can be a comment about how something looks or sounds, or even what you think about a certain situation. When you say or write a remark, it’s your way of sharing your thoughts or feelings.

In conclusion, a remark is a way for people to express their thoughts, opinions, or observations about something they have noticed. It can be found in everyday conversations, discussions, and even online interactions. Synonyms for the word include comment, observation, statement, and opinion. So, the next time you notice something interesting, don’t be afraid to make a remark!


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