Definition of Remember

What is Remember?

Remember is a special ability that helps people bring back information or experiences from the past. It is like having a superpower to recall things that happened a long time ago!

Origin of Remember

The word “remember” comes from the Latin word “rememorari,” which means to recall or bring back to mind. People have been using their memory to remember things since the beginning of time.

Where You Find “Remember” in Everyday Life

You use the power of remember every day, even if you don’t realize it! When you study for a test and remember important facts, dates, or formulas, that’s remember at work. When you remember your friend’s birthday or favorite ice cream flavor, you’re using your memory too. Remember helps you recall what you learned, what you experienced, and even what you felt.

Synonyms and Similar Terms

There are other words that mean almost the same thing as “remember.” Some of these words include recollect, reminisce, retain, and remind. All these words describe the act of bringing back memories or information from the past.

Comparison to Something Close

Remember is like a powerful computer inside your brain. Just like a computer stores and retrieves information, your brain remembers things too. It’s like having your own personal library or a treasure chest full of memories! When you want to remember something, your brain pulls out that memory and pops it into your mind.

Remember – Bringing Memories to Life

In conclusion, remember is the fantastic ability our brains have to bring back information, experiences, and memories from the past. It’s like having a magic wand that can make events from long ago come alive inside our minds. So, cherish your superpower of remember and use it to create wonderful memories that will stay with you forever!


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