Definition of Remain

What is Remain?

Remain refers to something that stays or is left behind after other things have been taken away or used. It is the part that still exists or continues, even when other parts are gone.

Origin of Remain

The word “remain” comes from the Old French word “remanent” and the Latin word “remains.” These words mean to stay back or continue to exist.

Where can we find Remain in everyday life?

Remain can be found in many different situations in our everyday lives. For example, when we eat an apple, the core and seeds that are left after we have taken bites are the remains of the apple. After finishing a puzzle, the remaining pieces that we haven’t used are the remainders. Also, when we finish drinking a glass of milk, the few drops we can’t get out of the glass are the remains of the milk.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Remain can also be called leftovers, residue, remnants, or what’s left. It is similar to what is left at the bottom of a box of crayons after using most of the colors or the extra pieces of string after a necklace has been made.

Conclusion: The Definition of Remain

Remain is the part of something that stays behind after other parts have been taken away or used. It can be leftovers, like the core and seeds of an apple, or what’s left at the bottom of a box of crayons. The word “remain” originated from French and Latin languages. So, next time you notice something that is left after using or taking away other parts, remember that it is the remain!


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