Keyboard definition

keyboard It is a device that presents the set of keys of various devices, machines and instruments. Usually the keyboard allows the control either I send of the device in question.

Currently, the term is closely associated with the peripheral that allows data to be entered into a computer or to another digital machine. When the user presses a key, the encrypted information is sent to the computer and the computer displays the character corresponding to the key on the screen.

In computing, a keyboard is an input peripheral.


  1. the computer keyboard
  2. Combination and layout of the keys
  3. keyboard in music

the computer keyboard

Computer keyboards present alphanumeric keys (letters and numbers), punctuation (period, comma, etc.) and special keys (which fulfill different functions, for example).

Among these special keys are, for example, those known as function keys, which are those that are located at the top of the keyboard and that allow us to directly access a series of programs or tools simply by themselves or by using them in combination with others.

And all this without forgetting the editing keys, which are what allow the computer user to carry out operations such as deleting text, moving through pages and documents quickly, or inserting various elements. In this case, these keys include Home, Delete, End or Page Down.

The arrow keys, the four that have arrows represented, are also equally important on any computer. As its name suggests, they are the ones that give us the opportunity to move to the left, to the right, down or up through the document that we have open as well as through the web page that we are consulting.

Combination and layout of the keys

In addition to all of the above, we have to emphasize that the keyboard gives us the opportunity to speed up tasks by combining the different keys that shape it. Thus, for example, the use of Ctrl + N allows us to make the selected word or phrase appear in bold while the joint use of the CTRL + G keys allows us to save the document that we have open and in which we are working. These are combinations that do not require us to use the drop-down menus of the different programs.

The most common keyboard layout is called QWERTY by the first six letters showing the keys of the top row. Said design was designed by the American Christopher Sholer in 1868.

A keyboard can be a musical instrument.

keyboard in music

In another sense, it is known as a keyboard to musical instruments They have, precisely, a keyboard. By pressing a key, the instrument produces a sound by acoustic, electronic, or electromagnetic means. There are keyboards that allow the simultaneous execution of sounds to generate chords.

The person who has the knowledge to interpret these instruments is known as keyboardist (in Spain) either keyboardist (in Latin America).

The piano the organ the clavichord and the accordion are some of the most popular keyboard instruments in the world of music. The xylophone and the marimba for example, are instruments that have a configuration similar to keyboards, although they are not considered keyboard instruments.


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