Definition of toluene

The toluene is a substance that is also known as methylbenzene. It is an aromatic-type hydrocarbon that is produced from the benzene. With toluene it can be made TNT dyes, detergents and aromatic products, among other items.

This substance can be found in nature in trees of the genus Myroxylon and in the Raw oil. It can also be obtained through different industrial processes. Annually, about five million tons of toluene are produced.

In addition to the data that we have disclosed about the aforementioned toluene, it is worth discovering others that are especially interesting, such as these:

-It has a boiling point of 111º C.

-It has no solubility in water.

-Its flash point is 4º C.

-The melting point it has is at -95º C.

-Among the safety measures that it is necessary for people who are in contact with toluene to carry out are always wearing gloves and other protective clothing. In the same way, it is indicated that it is necessary to be away from children and that in the event that, by accident, it is ingested, the person should be transferred immediately to the nearest hospital.

Among its multiple uses, its use as a solvent in resins, adhesives and paints. Toluene, on the other hand, is included in fuels thanks to its antiknock property. The substance also allows the synthesis of TNT, which is used for the production of explosives.

It should be noted that toluene is steady when under normal conditions. Their toxicity it is relatively low, at least when compared to substances like benzene, for example.

Toluene, however, can cause nausea, memory problems, fatigue and confusion as it affects the nervous system. When the person ceases to be exposed to toluene, the symptoms tend to disappear. However, if an individual breathes in a high concentration of toluene, he can lose consciousness and even die. In contact with the skin, toluene causes irritation and can even cause dermatitis.

If the aforementioned adverse consequences that it can have on health are important and significant, we must not forget either that, in the case of pregnant women, toluene can cause serious damage to the fetus. Moreover, numerous studies have been carried out in this regard and they have come to make it clear that the aforementioned element has been the cause not only of what have been spontaneous abortions but also of the birth of babies with certain problems or disorders.

That without overlooking the fact that it is capable of creating serious lung problems, lack of coordination, cardiac disturbances, mental confusion, severe eye irritation and kidney damage.

It is important to mention that the smoke generated by tobacco has a minimum dose of toluene. It is possible to detect up to 5,000 chemical compounds in this smoke, including several that are carcinogenic.


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