Definition of Drawing

What is drawing?

The He drew is a form of graphic expression that consists of capturing images on a flat space through different types of drawing instruments. Drawing involves outlining images manually on a drawing material. The concept of drawing refers both to the process itself and to the final product.

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Drawings can be representativeif they more or less faithfully reproduce a real object, abstractif they evoke sensations or emotions without physical representation, or symbolicif they resort to cultural conventions (for example, the drawing of a traffic sign).

Drawing can be done with a large number of drawing elements, such as pencils, markers, and inks, and is generally performed on all kinds of papers, which are the most used support, although drawings can also be made on almost any type of material, from plastic to metal.


  1. types of drawings
  2. drawing and painting

types of drawings

There are many modalities drawing, according to objective with which the drawing is made and the techniques that apply to do so:

a. The artistic drawing involves drawing for the purpose of artistically representing human, animal, fantasy, or abstract figures. It is the freest type of drawing, since it can incorporate all the techniques and materials according to the artist’s intentions.

b. The animated cartoon It is a practice by which multiple drawings are made that together represent a moving scene, and then they are projected successively, quickly and continuously, creating the illusion that one is in the presence of a continuous image. It is widely used in film and television.

c. The technical drawing It serves to represent the composition of tools or machines, or the procedures of construction, assembly and use of artifacts. It is widely used in industry and engineering.

d. The architectural drawing It is used to design living spaces through architectural plans that stipulate the shape and spatial distribution of buildings. This type of drawing uses very precise techniques and has regulations that architects must respect to design houses, buildings or monuments.

and. The geodetic drawing is used to draw spherical objects, and vector, which is done entirely through digital technology.

drawing and painting

The drawing is usually considered as part of the paint Within the categorization of Fine artsbut drawing and painting are not exactly the same.

The drawing expresses the shape of an object (real or imaginary) through strokes and lines on a surface, while painting resorts to colored and filled masses to achieve the structure of the represented objects.

Both procedures can use some instruments in common (pencils, pen, graphite, crayon), but painting uses pigments that are spread in a canvas, while the drawing is usually done on paper using lines.

Furthermore, painting and drawing use different techniques of representation and tend to imply processes different: drawing is widely used in design and technical planning, while painting is generally an artistic resource. In addition, new digital technologies have allowed the realization of drawings by computers, using digital pencils.


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