Definition of comb

The Latin word pecten came to Spanish as hair comb. This is what is called the utensil which is used to untangle and fix the hair.

This object has spikes either teeth that are located very close to each other. In this way, when the person passes the comb through their headthe arrangement of the tines helps to straighten and compose the hair.

The number and thickness of the bristles vary depending on the type of comb. As for the handle and the structure of this element, currently they are usually manufactured with wood or with plasticwhile in ancient times combs of tortoise shell and of ivory.

It is important to mention that the comb is a Article whose origins are remote. Some archaeologists have found combs in egyptian tombs that present characteristics similar to those exhibited by today’s combs.

Combs are usually present in every home and, in general, are instruments of daily use. It is usual that Humans want to tidy up their hair before going out so that their appearance is not neglected.

But there are more reasons why we should use the comb daily. For example, it is necessary to remove the hair that has already detached from the scalp, because if we leave it there it can be counterproductive for our practices of hygiene. We must not forget that the hair that falls out dies and, therefore, becomes matter that gradually decomposes; Needless to say, no one would want to have “waste” on their head.

In short, going through your comb every day should not be an activity related exclusively to physical appearance or fashion, but rather to personal hygiene and grooming. Health of our organism.

On the other hand, there are many people who fear combing their hair because they believe that in this way they contribute to hair loss. This happens especially to those who have hair with a particular tendency to tangle, since the comb gets stuck very often and it is very difficult to complete the task without taking a few “extra” hairs. However, if we comb our hair carefully and patiently, not only do we not promote our baldness but we improve the blood supply of the scalp.

Hair comb

When using the comb, it is important above all not to exert excessive force, but to exercise patience and gentleness. The scalp benefits from the massage that is given by rubbing it with the teeth of the comb, as long as they do not “scratch” it but rather “caress” it. If we find a very tangled area, then we must find a way to separate the hair without pulling it out; for this it can be very useful to look at ourselves in the mirror and focus on the knot without losing your cool.

There is also the comb for lice and nits, which is usually marketed in packages that include liquid products to apply directly to the scalp. Their teeth are made especially small and with a tiny distance between each other to take insects and their eggs with them. Depending on the region, this product is known as fine comb Or simply lies’s comb.

The notion of comb is also used to refer to the metal structure that, in certain Firearmshouses the projectiles. In this case, the comb is a charger that brings together several cartridges.

In Germanyon the other hand, Hair comb is the name of a locality located in the condition of lower saxony, in the north of the country. It has about 50,000 inhabitants and has steel production as the main resource of its economy.


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