Cross Reference Definition

It speaks of reference when you want to refer to a type of information either fact that can serve to understand more in depth the topic that is being talked about. It also serves to refer to the dependency, similarity or relationship of one thing with respect to another. In short, the term is related to the action and effect of referring. An example where the term appears may be: «For more information see our cross-references at the end of the chapter«.

The notion of cross reference is used in a text to refer to an element, data or quote that is found in another part of the document, or even in another text (although this is less common). The cross reference query allows you to display data that appears in rows and columns, as a table.

This type of diagrams can have various uses; For example: a person who works with a table of goods and an order table can observe the goods requested in a certain period by means of a cross reference.

Although its most popular use is to refer to associations within a text, in the everyday speech We also use this resource. (This tells us that it is not just a tool present in the written media). When we are telling someone something that has happened to us and while we do it we try to remember the facts, we are stringing together different events and establishing which of them is relevant to our conversation because it is connected to the central theme, to know whether to share it with our interlocutor or not. So, we are creating a cross-reference between various facts and taking the interlocutor from one central topic to another, interconnecting our conversation through facts, images and people.

How to create a cross reference in Microsoft Word?

in the computer program Microsoft Wordcross-references can be made to link two elements of the same document that are in different locations. It is therefore possible to create this type of references for numbered paragraphsmarkersfooters Y Titles, creating an orderly document where the associated topics are instantly connected, allowing a fluid and comfortable reading. Among the great advantages of this utility it is worth mentioning that once the cross-reference is created, the referenced element can be changed (from a page number to a bookmark, from a paragraph to a title, etc.).

To create the cross reference in Microsoft Wordthe first step is to write an introductory text (such as “More information on…”). Next, we need to insert the cross-reference. To do this we must select the type of element to which it will refer and choose the name that we will give it (the title of a chapter, a marker, a numbered paragraph). Then we must save the document and that’s it! Since then, every time a Username access that document You will be able to directly find the element that is related in that cross reference. All you have to do is click on the element associated with it and the new element will immediately appear on the screen; that is, that reference. It is worth mentioning that this type of connections that are made within a document are called hyperlinks.

On the Internet, cross-references are each of those links that we click on to access other information, which is found either on the same site we are visiting or on another, housed in one of the trillions of servers that are located throughout the planet.


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