Definition of Footer

What is a Footer?

Definition of Footer

A footer is an important element found at the bottom of a webpage. It serves as a sort of ending or conclusion to the content on the page. It usually contains information that is common to all pages on a website, such as contact details, copyright information, links to important pages, and sometimes a sitemap.

Origin of the Footer

The concept of footers actually originates from printed documents like books and newspapers. In these types of publications, a footer is the text that appears at the bottom of each page. It often includes the page number, the publication date, or a chapter title. With the rise of the internet and webpages, the idea of footers was adapted to websites as well.

Where can you find a Footer in everyday life?

You can find footers on almost every website you visit. Think of it as the last part of a webpage that you see before scrolling down to the next page or closing the website. Whether you are browsing a blog, online store, news website, or educational site, the footer is usually there at the bottom, waiting for you!

Synonyms for Footer

A footer can also be referred to as a bottom bar, end section, or site footer. These terms all mean the same thing and serve the same purpose: providing important information and links at the bottom of a webpage.

How is a Footer similar to something close?

Imagine you are reading a book. At the end of the last chapter, there might be a small section with additional information about the author or a note from the editor. This section is like a footer because it provides extra details at the end of the content. Similarly, a website footer appears after all the main content and offers additional information and links to other parts of the website.


A footer is an essential part of a webpage that appears at the bottom. It is similar to the footnotes seen in printed documents. It contains important information, links, and sometimes even the site’s copyright details. Footers can be found on almost every website, and they are like the concluding section or the “THE END” part of a webpage. So the next time you scroll to the bottom of a webpage, remember to check out the footer – it may have something interesting or useful for you!


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