Definition of Revive

What is Revive?

Revive is a wonderful word that means to bring something back to life or make it lively again. It’s like giving something a burst of energy!

Origin of Revive

The word “revive” comes from the Latin word “revivere,” which means “to live again.” This word has been used for many centuries to describe the process of breathing life back into something that has become dull or inactive.

Where is Revive found in everyday life?

You can find reviving all around you, every single day! For example, when you wake up in the morning feeling a bit tired, a delicious cup of coffee can revive your energy and make you feel more alert. When your plants are looking a little droopy, giving them some water can revive them and make them stand tall and full of life again.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Sometimes, words that have similar meanings can be used as synonyms for “revive.” Some words that you may have heard of are “rejuvenate,” “restore,” or “reenergize.” These words all help to explain how something can be brought back to its lively state, just like reviving it!

If we compare “revive” to something close, it’s like giving a boost to a tired battery. When your toy car isn’t moving because the battery is low, you can connect it to a charger to revive the battery and bring it back to life. Just like how reviving something can bring it back to its full potential!


To sum it all up, reviving means to make something lively again or bring it back to life. It’s like giving something a fresh start or a burst of energy when it’s feeling tired or unenergetic. Whether it’s your own energy, plants, or even a toy car’s battery, reviving can make things feel alive again and full of joy and excitement!


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