Definition of recusal

What is Recusal?

Recusal is a special word that refers to when someone, who has a special role or job, decides not to be a part of something because they might have a conflict of interest or bias. In other words, they remove themselves from being involved in a certain situation because they could influence it in an unfair way.

Origin of Recusal

The word “recusal” comes from the Latin word “recusare,” which means to refuse or reject. It is a term often used in the legal system.

Recusal in Everyday Life

You may have seen recusal happen in everyday life without even realizing it. For example, imagine you are playing a game with your friends, and you have a brother or sister who is a referee. To make things fair, your sibling might recuse themselves from being the referee because they could be biased towards you. They want to ensure that the game is played fairly without anyone feeling like they have an advantage.

Synonyms and Comparison

Sometimes, instead of using the word “recusal,” people might say “step aside” or “withdraw from the situation.” It’s like taking a step back so that the outcome is fair and just.

Concluding Definition

Recusal is an important term that helps keep things fair and unbiased. It is when someone decides not to be involved in a situation because they could have a special interest or favor someone. By removing themselves, they ensure a fair and just outcome for everyone involved.


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