Definition of Resist

What is Resist?

Resist is a very powerful word, and it means to fight against something or refuse to give in. It can be used in many different situations, and it is all about standing up for what you believe in.

Where does the word “Resist” come from?

The word “resist” originates from the Latin word “resistere,” where “re” means “against” and “sistere” means “to stand.” So, when you resist something, you are standing against it!

How can we find Resist in everyday life?

Resist can be found everywhere in our daily lives. Let’s say you have a big homework assignment, but you feel tired and want to play games instead. If you resist the temptation to play and choose to do your homework first, you are resisting the urge to procrastinate. Or, imagine that someone is bullying one of your friends at school, and you decide to stand up for them. That’s also an example of resisting, because you are fighting against the bullying.

Are there any synonyms for Resist?

Yes, there are words that have similar meanings to resist. Some synonyms of “resist” include “refuse,” “oppose,” and “defend.” These words also represent standing against something or fighting back.

What can we compare Resist to?

Resist can be compared to a superhero. Just like superheroes stand up against villains and fight for justice, when you resist, you are being a superhero too! You are standing up for what is right and showing courage.


Resist is a powerful word that means to fight against something or refuse to give in. It comes from the Latin word “resistere,” which means “to stand against.” We can find examples of resisting in our everyday lives, whether it’s resisting the temptation to procrastinate or standing up against bullies. Some synonyms for resist include “refuse,” “oppose,” and “defend.” Just like superheroes, when we resist, we become courageous fighters for what is right. So remember, don’t be afraid to resist and stand up for what you believe in!


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