Definition of Resign

What is Resign?

Resign is a word that we often hear when someone decides to step down from their job or position. It means that the person has chosen to quit or leave their current role.

Origin of Resign

The word “resign” comes from the Latin word “resignare,” which means “to yield again” or “to surrender.” This word’s origin shows that when a person resigns, they are giving up or surrendering their responsibilities in a specific role.

Where is Resign Found in Everyday Life?

You may come across the word “resign” in various places in everyday life. For example, when a teacher decides to leave their job, they may write a resignation letter to inform the school. A boss who is no longer happy with their job may also choose to resign from their position, giving the company notice of their departure. Resignation can be seen in many fields, including schools, offices, stores, and even sports teams.

Synonyms and Similarities

There are some other words you can use instead of “resign.” For instance, people may say “quit,” “step down,” or “retire” when referring to leaving a job or position. While these words have similar meanings to resign, it’s important to note that they can sometimes have slightly different implications or contexts.

Comparing Resign to Something Close

Resign is like deciding to stop playing a game. Imagine you are playing a game with your friends, but you are not having fun anymore or you need to do something else. You may choose to resign from the game, which means you stop playing and let others continue without you. Just like in a game, when someone resigns from their job or position, they stop participating and others take over.

The Definition of Resign

In conclusion, resign means making the decision to leave a job or position. It comes from the Latin word “resignare,” which means “to yield again” or “to surrender.” Resignation is commonly seen in everyday life, such as when teachers or bosses decide to step down from their roles. It can be compared to quitting a game, where you decide to stop playing and let others take over. Remember, if someone chooses to resign, it means they have chosen to surrender their responsibilities or quit their current role.