Definition of Pour

What is Pour?

Pour is the act of letting liquid flow out from a container in a steady stream. It’s like tipping a bottle or a pitcher so that the liquid comes out smoothly.

Origin of Pour

The word “pour” comes from the Old French word “pourer,” which means “to shed or spill.” People have been pouring liquids for thousands of years, using different types of containers and tools to help them.

Where is Pour Found in Everyday Life?

Pouring is something we do almost every day. We pour milk on cereal, pour juice into a glass, and pour water when we take a bath. Sometimes we even pour sauces or dressings on our food to make it tastier!

Synonyms for Pour

There are other words that mean the same thing as pour, like “tip,” “empty,” or “decant.” These words also describe the action of letting liquid flow from a container.

How Pour Compares to Something Close

Pouring is a bit like when it rains. Just like raindrops fall from the sky, pouring is when we let liquid fall from a container. It’s not exactly the same, but there is a similarity between the two!

In Conclusion

Pour is a simple action that involves letting liquid flow out from a container. It’s a word that we use when we describe the act of tipping or emptying a container smoothly and steadily. So, the next time you pour some milk in your cereal bowl or pour water in your glass, you’ll know exactly what it means!


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