Definition of lethal

What is Lethal?

When something is described as “lethal,” it means that it has the ability to cause great harm or even death. Lethal is an adjective that is used to describe something that is extremely dangerous or deadly.

Origin of the Word Lethal

The word “lethal” comes from the Latin word “letalis,” which means deadly or fatal. It has been used in the English language for many years to convey the seriousness of a particular danger or threat.

Where is Lethal Found in Everyday Life?

We may encounter the concept of lethal in various aspects of everyday life. For example, some animals have lethal venom or poisonous bites that can harm or even kill other animals. Additionally, there are certain chemicals or substances that can be lethal if ingested or improperly handled. Weapons, such as guns or knives, can also be seen as lethal objects that have the potential to cause harm or death.

Synonyms and Comparison

Some synonyms for lethal include deadly, fatal, dangerous, and life-threatening. It’s important to understand that “lethal” emphasizes the serious consequences associated with harm or danger, similar to how “deadly” or “fatal” would be used in describing something that can cause death.


Lethal refers to something that is extremely dangerous or deadly. It signifies a level of harm or threat that can have severe consequences, including loss of life. So, it’s important to be aware of any lethal objects or situations and take appropriate precautions to prevent accidents or injuries.


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