Definition of microstructure

microstructure is a structure that is integrated into another of greater size or magnitude. The term is formed with the prefix micro- (which alludes to what is “very small”) and with the mentioned noun structure (the organization and arrangement of the components of an assembly).

If we think of different levels or structural sizes, we can mention that the microstructure is the smallest itemthen comes the structure and finally we find the macrostructure (a large structure that includes other smaller ones).

Textual microstructure was studied by theorists such as Teun van Dijk.


  1. textual microstructure
  2. Elements visible thanks to the microscope

textual microstructure

The notion of microstructure is often used in the field of linguistics. The textual microstructure refers to the first structure that is formed with the terms of a textwhich are semantically interrelated and express what the author wants.

the dutch linguist Teun van Dijk He is one of the main theorists who analyzed the textual structure. According to this thinker, in a text it is possible to recognize a microstructure (a series of ideas united in a coherent and logical way), a macrostructure (which synthesizes the meaning of the text, giving meaning) and a superstructure (oriented to functional, hierarchical and global order).

The selection and organization of lexicon they belong to the realm of textual microstructure. For the development of this task, various procedures are used, such as the substitutionthe reiteration and the reference.

With a microscope you can see the microstructure of a material.

Elements visible thanks to the microscope

The microstructure of a materialon the other hand, refers to components that are made visible only through a microscope.

Depending on these constituents, a material may have certain microstructural propertiesmicrostructural behaviormicrostructural defectsetc.


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