Definition of Manumission

What is Manumission?

Manumission refers to the act of freeing a slave or granting them their freedom. It is an important term that relates to the history of slavery.

Origin of Manumission

The practice of manumission dates back to ancient times, where slaves were often granted their freedom by their owners. This act was more common in some civilizations than others.

Where is Manumission Found in Everyday Life?

In today’s society, manumission is not a term we use often. However, the concept of granting freedom and equal rights to individuals is still relevant. So, when we talk about human rights or the abolition of slavery, we are indirectly referring to the idea behind manumission.

Synonyms and Comparison

Some synonyms for manumission could be ‘liberation’ or ’emancipation.’ Manumission is similar to setting someone free from bondage, just like releasing a bird from a cage. It is an act of giving someone their freedom and restoring their rights as equal members of society.

Conclusion: The Definition of Manumission

Manumission is the act of freeing enslaved individuals, granting them their freedom and restoring their basic human rights. It is a historically significant term that represents the fight against slavery and the belief in freedom and equality for all.


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