Definition of hard

What is Hard?

Hard is a word that we often use to describe things that are not soft or easy to bend. It means something is tough, strong, and not easily broken or changed in shape. Many objects in our daily life can be classified as hard.

Origin and Meaning

The word “hard” comes from the Old English word “heard,” which means “solid” or “difficult.” It is commonly used to describe things that have a strong and unyielding nature.

Everyday Life

Hard things are all around us! For example, rocks and stones are hard, unlike fluffy pillows or soft toys. We often wear hard shoes made of leather or rubber to protect our feet while walking or playing. Even some foods can be hard, like nuts or crackers.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Synonyms for hard include firm, solid, tough, or rigid. It can sometimes be compared to things like a brick wall, which is strong and unbreakable, or a diamond, which is extremely hard and cannot be easily scratched.

The Definition of Hard

In conclusion, hard means something that is not soft, can withstand pressure, and is difficult to change in shape. It is the opposite of something that is squishy, gentle, or malleable. So, the next time you encounter something tough or unyielding, you can confidently say that it is hard!