Definition of Vehemence

What is Vehemence?

Vehemence is a big and powerful word to describe strong feelings or intense passion. It’s like feeling really, really strongly about something!

Origin of Vehemence

The word “vehemence” comes from the Latin word “vehemens,” which means “violent” or “impetuous.” It carries the idea of strong emotions that are expressed in a forceful and passionate way.

Vehemence in Everyday Life

We can see vehemence in everyday life when we experience feelings like excitement, anger, or love super strongly. When we feel these intense emotions, we might speak louder, wave our hands, or move quickly. It’s like being on fire with emotion!

Synonyms and Comparison

Vehemence is close in meaning to words like fervor, passion, or intensity. Just like a hurricane is a powerful storm, vehemence is a powerful feeling!


Vehemence is a word that captures the energy and strength of our emotions. It helps us describe those moments when we feel incredibly passionate, excited, or even angry. It’s important to remember that while strong emotions can be powerful, it’s also important to express them in a respectful and appropriate way.