Definition of Unicellular

What is Unicellular?

Unicellular organisms are teeny tiny living beings! They are so small that we can’t even see them without a microscope. But even though they are tiny, they are super important for our planet.

Where does it come from?

Unicellular creatures have been around for a very long time – even before dinosaurs! They were among the first life forms on Earth. These tiny living things are found everywhere on our planet, from the depths of the ocean to the soil in our backyard.

Everyday life with Unicellular organisms

Believe it or not, we interact with unicellular organisms every day! They’re involved in making bread rise, fermenting yogurt, and even helping us digest our food in our tummies. So, they’re not just small, they are also very useful!

Similar things

If you’ve heard about bacteria, then you already know about unicellular organisms! Bacteria are an example of unicellular organisms too. They are so small, yet they are everywhere and play a big role in our lives.

In a nutshell

Unicellular organisms are tiny living things, which have been on Earth for a really long time. We don’t even notice them most of the time! They are found all around us and are involved in many everyday activities. Unicellular organisms, like bacteria, are essential for life on our planet.