Definition of Unanimous

What is Unanimous?

Unanimous is a word that can mean everyone agreeing on something or making the same decision. When we say that a decision is unanimous, it means that everyone involved in the decision-making process has come to the same conclusion.

Origin of the Word Unanimous

The word “unanimous” comes from two Latin words: “unus,” which means “one,” and “animus,” which means “mind” or “thought.” So, when we put these words together, we get “unanimous,” which means “one mind” or “one thought.”

Where can we find Unanimous in Everyday Life?

In everyday life, you can see unanimous decisions being made in many places. For example, when your family decides which movie to watch and everyone agrees on the same one, it’s a unanimous decision. Or perhaps, when your class has to choose a class pet, and everyone agrees on a cute hamster, it’s a unanimous decision!

Synonyms and What Unanimous is Similar to

Synonyms for unanimous include words like “consensus,” “agreed,” or “united.” It is similar to a group of friends all wanting to go to the beach on a sunny day or everyone in your sports team voting for the same team captain.


In conclusion, unanimous means that everyone is on the same page, thinking the same thing, and coming to the same decision. It’s like when a whole group of people agrees on something without any disagreements. So, when you hear about a unanimous decision, you can be confident that everyone is in complete agreement.


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