Definition of true

What is True?

True is a word that we use to describe something that is real, genuine, or accurate. It is the opposite of something that is false or fake. When we say something is true, it means we believe it is honest and correct.

Origin of True

The word true has been around for a very long time. It comes from the Old English word “treowe” and has roots in other ancient languages. People have used this word for centuries to express their belief in something that is real or truthful.

Everyday Life

We use the word true in our everyday lives in many ways. For example, when someone tells you a fact and you believe it to be true, you are saying that you think it is accurate and not made up. You might also use the word true when talking about your feelings. If you say, “I am true to my friends,” it means you are always honest and loyal to them.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Synonyms for true include words like genuine, real, accurate, and authentic. When we talk about something that is true, we can compare it to something close that is false. For instance, we might say, “The true answer is 5, but if you say 10, that would be false.”

The Definition of True

In conclusion, true is a word that means something is real, genuine, or accurate. It is a way for us to express our belief in something that we consider to be honest and correct. Being true involves being loyal and honest. So, remember to always value truthfulness in your words and actions!