Definition of Spatula

What is a Spatula?

A spatula is a kitchen tool used for turning, lifting, and flipping food. It usually has a flat, wide blade and a long handle. The blade can be made of metal, plastic, or silicone, depending on the type of spatula.

Origin and History

The origin of the spatula can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks. They used a flat wooden tool called a “spathula” for stirring and mixing ingredients. Over time, the spatula evolved, and today, it is an essential tool in every kitchen.

Everyday Uses

You can find spatulas in everyday life in various ways. They are commonly used for cooking, especially when flipping pancakes, eggs, or burgers. Spatulas are also useful for scraping the last bit of batter from a mixing bowl or spreading icing on a cake.

Synonyms and Similar Tools

Spatulas are often called flipper, turner, or lifter. They are similar to tongs or forks, but spatulas have a flat surface that makes it easier to handle delicate foods without piercing or breaking them.

In Conclusion

A spatula is a convenient kitchen tool that helps in cooking, baking, and serving food. It is a versatile utensil, used for flipping, lifting, scraping, and spreading. Whether you are making pancakes or frosting a cake, a spatula is an essential tool that no kitchen should be without!


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