Definition of solid

What is a Solid?

A solid is one of the three forms of matter, along with liquids and gases. It is something that you can touch and feel because it has a fixed shape and size. When you hold an object in your hand and it doesn’t change its shape, it is probably a solid.

Origin of Solids

Solids have been around since the beginning of time! They have been a part of our world for millions of years. From the rocks you find outside to the toys you play with, solids are all around us.

Solids in Everyday Life

Solids are found in many things that we use every day. When you take a bite of a crunchy apple or a piece of chocolate, you are eating a solid. Your desk, chair, and bed are all made of solid materials. Even the buildings you see outside are made of solids!

Synonyms and Comparisons

Sometimes it can be helpful to think about things that are similar to solids. Imagine holding a block of ice in your hand. It is a solid that you can touch and feel. On the other hand, when you pour water into a glass, it becomes a liquid because it takes the shape of the container. Unlike solids, liquids can flow or be poured.

The Definition of Solid

In conclusion, a solid is a form of matter that has a fixed shape and size. It doesn’t change its shape easily and feels firm to the touch. Solids are all around us, from the objects we interact with to the food we eat. So next time you see something that doesn’t change its shape, remember that it is a solid!


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