Definition of Sepoy

What is a Sepoy?

A Sepoy refers to a soldier in the Indian Army during the British rule in India. They were Indian men who served under European officers. Sepoys were an essential part of the British Indian Army and helped maintain law and order in the country.

Origin of Sepoy

The word “Sepoy” comes from the Persian word “sipahi,” which means soldier or infantryman. During the British rule, the term was used specifically for Indian soldiers in the British East India Company’s army.

Everyday Life and Synonyms

In everyday life, a Sepoy played a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of people in India. They protected the borders, maintained peace, and supported the British officers. Synonyms for sepoys include soldiers, infantrymen, or military personnel.


Imagine a sepoy as a brave soldier who safeguarded his country alongside other soldiers from different parts of India. They worked together like a team, just like how players cooperate in a team sport to achieve victory.

Definition of Sepoy

So, in summary, a Sepoy was a courageous Indian soldier during the time of British rule in India. They were an integral part of the British Indian Army, ensuring safety and order in the country. Sepoys were like protectors, preserving peace and helping British officers in their duties.