Definition of Retain

What is Retain?

Retain is a word that means to keep or hold onto something. It is a verb and is used when you want to hold onto or keep something that you already have.

Origin of Retain

The word “retain” comes from the Latin word “retinere,” which means to hold back or keep. It has been used in the English language for a long time and is commonly used in many different contexts.

Where is Retain Found in Everyday Life?

We use the word retain in many everyday situations. For example, when you study for a test and remember what you learned, you retain that information. Similarly, when you want to keep something like a toy or a favorite dress, you retain it. It can also be used when you want to remember someone’s phone number or a special memory. Whenever you want to hold onto or keep something, you can use the word “retain.”

Synonyms for Retain

There are other words that can be used interchangeably with retain. Some examples include “keep,” “hold onto,” “preserve,” “maintain,” and “store.” These words have similar meanings and can be used in different situations to convey the same idea as retain.

Comparison to Something Close

Retaining something is similar to when you hold onto something with your hand tightly. Just like how you don’t want to let go of something that you are holding, retaining something means not letting it go or keeping it close to you.

Emphasizing the Definition of Retain

To sum it up, retain means to keep or hold onto something. It is used in everyday life when we want to remember or preserve something valuable to us. It can also be used as a synonym for words like “keep” or “store.” So, remember, when you need to hold onto something, don’t let it go and retain it!


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