Definition of Reply

What is a Reply?

A reply is a response or an answer to something that has been said or asked. It is a way of giving feedback or communicating with someone in a conversation. When someone speaks to you or asks you a question, you reply to them to continue the communication.

Origin of the Word

The word “reply” comes from the Latin word “replere,” which means to fill back or fill again. The concept of replying has been present in human communication since ancient times.

Where can you Find Replies in Everyday Life?

You can find replies in many different situations in your everyday life. For example, when your teacher asks a question in class, you raise your hand and reply with an answer. When your friend asks if you want to play a game, you can reply with a “yes” or a “no.” Even when you send a text message or an email to someone, their response or message back to you is their reply.

Synonyms of Reply

There are several synonyms for the word “reply” that you may come across. Some common synonyms include respond, answer, retort, and reply back. These words all refer to the act of giving a response to something.

Comparing a Reply to Something Close

A reply is similar to having a conversation with someone. Just like when you talk to a friend or a family member, you take turns speaking and listening. When it’s your turn to talk, you reply to what the other person said. It’s like a back-and-forth exchange of thoughts and ideas.


In summary, a reply is an answer or response to something that has been said or asked. It is an important part of communication and is used in various situations in our daily lives. Whether it’s answering a question in class, responding to a message, or having a conversation, a reply helps to continue the flow of communication and ensure effective interactions.