Definition of Reject

What is Reject?

Reject refers to the act of refusing or dismissing something or someone. When something is rejected, it means it is not accepted or deemed unsuitable for a particular purpose or situation.

Origin of Reject

The word “reject” originated from the Latin word “rejicere,” which means “to throw back” or “to cast aside.” Throughout history, humans have had the tendency to reject things that do not meet their expectations or guidelines. This natural instinct often helps individuals or societies to maintain certain standards or make better choices.

Where is Reject found in everyday life?

Reject can be found in various aspects of our everyday life. For instance, when you are sorting through your clothes and decide to give away or throw out the ones you no longer want or wear, you are technically rejecting those items. Similarly, when teachers grade assignments or exams, they might reject answers that do not meet the requirements or criteria.

Synonyms and Comparison

Synonyms for reject include terms like decline, refuse, turn down, or dismiss. Think of it as being similar to when someone asks you to play a game you don’t enjoy – you might decline their invitation because it’s not something you like. Similarly, when you refuse an offer, it’s like rejecting it because it doesn’t fit your needs or desires.

The Emphasis on Reject

In conclusion, reject means to deny, dismiss, or refuse something. It is a way of saying “no” to something or someone that does not meet our expectations, standards, or requirements. Rejecting is a natural part of life, helping us make choices and maintain certain standards. So, don’t feel discouraged if something or someone is rejected – it simply means that there is a better fit out there waiting for you!


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