Definition of Regard

What is Regard?

Regard is a word that means to think about someone or something in a certain way. It is a way of paying attention or showing respect. When you have regard for someone, it means you have a high opinion of them and you think they are important.

Origin of the Word Regard

The word “regard” comes from the Old French word “regarde,” which means “to look at.” Through the years, the meaning of the word changed a little, and it became more about how we think about someone or something, instead of just looking at them.

Where is Regard Found in Everyday Life?

We use the word regard in many different situations. For example, when we listen to our teachers in school or follow rules, we are showing regard for authority. When we say “please” and “thank you” to our friends and family, we are showing regard for their feelings. Even when we take care of our toys or clean up after ourselves, we are showing regard for our belongings and our environment.

Synonyms and Comparisons

There are a few words that mean almost the same thing as regard. Some of these words are “respect,” “esteem,” and “consideration.” They all show that we think highly of someone or something, and we treat them with kindness and care. Regard is like a cousin to these words, because they have similar meanings, but each of them is used in different situations.

Conclusion: What is Regard?

In conclusion, regard is a word that means to think highly of someone or something and to show them respect. It is about treating others with kindness, and paying attention to their feelings and needs. We can show regard in many ways, like following rules, being polite, and taking care of things around us. So let’s remember to have regard for others and spread kindness wherever we go!