Definition of Reflex Action

What is Reflex Action?

Reflex action is a quick and automatic response our body makes without us even thinking about it. It happens when we touch something hot and quickly pull our hand away.

Origin of Reflex Action

Reflex action comes from the nervous system, which is like a network of wires in our body. It helps us react to things happening around us without thinking about it too much.

Where is it found in everyday life?

Reflex action can be found in many things we do every day. For example, when we accidentally touch a sharp object, our body quickly moves to protect itself. Similarly, when we see something scary, we might scream or jump back without even realizing it.

Synonyms and Comparison

Reflex action is also known as an involuntary or automatic reaction. It is like when a robot instantly responds to a command without needing to think first.


In conclusion, reflex action is a rapid and natural response our body makes to protect us. It happens without us even knowing it and helps keep us safe from danger. So, next time you quickly pull your hand away from something hot, remember that it’s your amazing reflex action at work!