Definition of Reduce

What does “Reduce” mean?

Definition of “Reduce”

Reduce means to make something smaller or lessen its size, quantity, or amount. When we reduce, we try to use less of something or make it go away.

Where is “Reduce” found in everyday life?

We can find the concept of reducing all around us! For example, when we turn off a faucet to save water, we are reducing water usage. Similarly, when we turn off the lights when we leave a room, we reduce electricity consumption. Another way we can reduce is by reusing things instead of throwing them away. By doing this, we can reduce waste and help protect the environment.

What are the synonyms for “Reduce”?

There are a few different words that have a similar meaning to reduce. Some synonyms for reduce include:
– Minimize
– Diminish
– Decrease
– Trim down

How does “Reduce” compare to something close?

Reduce is a lot like the opposite of “increase.” While increase means to make something bigger or more, reduce means to make something smaller or less. It is like when we take a big piece of cake and cut a small slice from it, reducing the size of the cake.

In conclusion

Reducing is an important concept that helps us use resources carefully and protect our planet. By reducing, we can save water, electricity, and reduce waste. Remember, reducing means making something smaller or using less of it. So let’s do our part and reduce for a better future!