Definition of Recent

What is Recent?

Recent means happening or existing not long ago. It is used to describe things that have just happened or things that have been discovered or made recently. When we say something is recent, it means it is new or fresh.

Origin of the word

The word “recent” comes from the Latin word “recentem” which means “fresh.” Over time, the word evolved and is now commonly used in many languages.

Where can we find recent things in everyday life?

We can find recent things all around us! In our everyday lives, we come across recent news, recent books, recent movies, and recent inventions. For example, when we watch the news on television, it tells us about recent events and things that have just happened. Similarly, when we visit a library or a bookstore, we can find shelves filled with recent books written by different authors. Recent movies are the ones that have been recently released and can be seen in cinemas. Moreover, recent inventions include new gadgets and technology that are constantly being created.

Synonyms and comparisons

Synonyms for recent include words like “fresh,” “new,” “current,” and “modern.” When we say something is recent, it is similar to saying it is new or up-to-date. Imagine you have a brand-new toy that you got as a birthday present. You can say your toy is recent because it is new and just came into your possession.

In conclusion, what is Recent?

Recent refers to something that has just happened or something that is new. It is the opposite of old or outdated. Whether it’s recent news or recent inventions, it means something happened or was made not long ago. So, next time you come across the word recent, you’ll know it’s all about things that are fresh and new!


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