Definition of Quadrilateral

What is a Quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a special shape in geometry that has four straight sides. Each side connects two corners, called vertices.

Origin of Quadrilateral

The word “quadrilateral” comes from Latin, where “quadri” means four, and “latus” means side. So, it literally means “four sides.”

Where can we find Quadrilaterals in everyday life?

Quadrilaterals are all around us! You can spot them in things like books, TV screens, tables, and even in some buildings. In fact, many common objects are formed by quadrilaterals, like squares and rectangles.

Synonyms and Comparison

Quadrilateral is also known as a polygon because it is a closed shape with multiple sides. It is similar to other polygons, such as triangles and pentagons, but the main difference is that they have different numbers of sides.


In conclusion, a quadrilateral is a shape with four straight sides connected by vertices. It is found in many everyday objects and is similar to other polygons. Remember, whenever you see a shape with four sides, you have encountered a quadrilateral!