Definition of Propper Noun

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What is a Proper Noun?

A Proper Noun is a special kind of word that is used to name a specific person, place, thing, or idea. It always begins with a capital letter, just like your name. Proper Nouns help us give titles and names to things around us.

Origins of Proper Nouns

Proper Nouns are different from common nouns because they are not general. They are unique and specific. For example, instead of saying “dog,” we use the Proper Noun “Max” to name a particular furry friend. Proper Nouns can come from different languages or can be made up by someone to give a special name to something.

Everyday Life Examples

You can find Proper Nouns all around you in your everyday life. Your own name is a Proper Noun that is unique to you. Other examples include the names of cities, countries, planets, people, and even the names of your favorite songs, movies, or books. When you visit a museum, you will see Proper Nouns on the artwork or exhibits, like the painting “Mona Lisa.”

Synonyms and Comparisons

Proper Nouns are different from common nouns, which are used to refer to general things. For example, while “book” is a common noun, “Harry Potter” is a Proper Noun. Proper Nouns are like special labels that help us identify something specific.


So, to sum it up, a Proper Noun is a special word that names a specific person, place, thing, or idea. It always starts with a capital letter and helps us give unique names and titles to things around us. Remember, when you see a word that starts with a capital letter, it might just be a Proper Noun!

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