Definition of Preterintention

What is Preterintention?

Preterintention is a fancy word that describes a special kind of action or thought. It means that someone does or thinks something on purpose, but their true intention is actually something else.

Origin of Preterintention

The word Preterintention comes from Latin, where “preter” means beyond or past, and “intention” means the purpose or goal of doing something. So Preterintention is like going beyond the original intention.

Preterintention in Everyday Life

Preterintention can be found in our everyday lives, although we may not know it. Sometimes, people say or do things that seem strange, but it’s because they have a hidden motive or purpose. For example, if someone tells you they don’t want a gift, but deep down, they actually do want it, that’s an example of Preterintention.

Synonyms and Comparison

Preterintention can also be called “hidden intention” or “secret motive” because it involves having a different motive than what is being shown. It’s similar to when someone says something with sarcasm or when they are being ironic, where their words don’t match their true feelings or thoughts.

Concluding Definition

So, Preterintention is all about having a hidden purpose or motive behind your actions or thoughts. It’s like having a secret agenda or pretending to feel or think something while actually feeling or thinking the opposite. Next time someone says or does something that seems strange, remember that there might be Preterintention at play!