Definition of Prediction

What is a Prediction?

A prediction is a guess or estimation about what might happen in the future based on current information or patterns. It is like making a forecast or telling what you think will come true.

Origin of Predictions

Predictions have been around for thousands of years as humans have always been curious about the future. Ancient civilizations used various methods like observing stars, reading tea leaves, or analyzing animal behavior to make predictions.

Predictions in Everyday Life

Predictions are a part of our everyday life. For example, weather forecasts predict whether it will rain or be sunny tomorrow so we can plan our activities accordingly. In sports, people make predictions about which team will win a game. Even your parents might make predictions about how tall you will grow or what profession you might choose.

Synonyms for Predictions

There are a few different words that mean the same thing as prediction. Some synonyms for prediction include forecast, prophecy, guess, estimate, or projection.

Comparison to Crystal Ball

Imagine a prediction is like looking into a crystal ball. When you make a prediction, you are using the information you have to try to see what may happen in the future, just like someone might try to see the future by looking into a crystal ball.


A prediction is like making an educated guess about what will happen in the future based on what we know. People have been making predictions for a long time using different methods. Predictions are all around us, from weather forecasts to guessing game outcomes. So, next time someone makes a prediction, remember it’s like trying to see into the future and expect what might come true.


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