Definition of Plural

What is Plural?

Plural is a word that we use when we talk about more than one person, thing, or animal. It helps us to show that there are many of something instead of just one.

Origin of Plural

The word “plural” has its root in the Latin word “plurales.” It means the state of being more than one. Different languages have different ways of forming plurals.

Where is Plural found in everyday life?

We use plural in our everyday life without even realizing it. When we talk about our family or friends, we use plural words like “siblings” or “friends.” We also use plural when we talk about things we have more than one of, such as “toys” or “books.”

Synonyms for Plural

Sometimes, instead of using the word “plural,” we can use other words that mean the same thing. Synonyms for plural include “multiple,” “several,” or “many.”

Comparison to Something Close

You can think of plural like having lots of cookies instead of just one. When you have only one cookie, you would say “cookie,” but when you have more than one, you say “cookies.” Plural helps us talk about more than one thing easily.


So, plural is a word we use to talk about more than one person, animal, or thing. It helps us show that there are many of something. From our family members and friends to the toys and books we have, plural is everywhere in our daily lives!


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