Definition of Oral

What is Oral?

Oral means speaking or using your mouth to communicate. It is a way of expressing yourself by talking and sharing information with others.

Origin of Oral

Oral comes from the word “orator,” which means speaker. It has been a vital form of communication for thousands of years. In ancient times, people used oral traditions to pass down stories, history, and knowledge from one generation to the next, as there were no written books back then.

Where is Oral found in everyday life?

We use oral communication every day without even realizing it! When we speak to our family and friends, tell stories, have conversations, answer questions in class, or even sing and recite poems, we are using oral language.

Synonyms and Similarities

Some synonyms for oral include spoken, verbal, and vocal. Oral communication is similar to written communication, but it involves using our voice and words instead of writing things down on paper or typing on a computer.

What does Oral mean?

Oral means using our mouth to talk and share information. It is an essential skill for humans to communicate and express ourselves. So next time you have a conversation or share a story, remember that you are using oral communication!