Definition of Narrator Witness

What is a Narrator Witness?

A Narrator Witness is someone who tells a story or shares their experiences. They are like a storyteller, but they talk about real-life events that they have seen or been a part of. Narrator Witnesses help us understand what happened in the past or in important events.

Origin of Narrator Witnesses

Narrator Witnesses have been around for a long time. They were important in ancient times when people didn’t have books or recordings. The only way to know about important events was to listen to someone who saw it happen.

Everyday Life

We can find Narrator Witnesses in everyday life too. When we listen to our grandparents’ stories or hear about historical events from teachers or people who were there, we are listening to Narrator Witnesses. They help us learn about the past and understand it better.

Synonyms and Comparison

A Narrator Witness can also be called a storyteller, eyewitness, or a person with first-hand knowledge. They are different from fictional narrators who make up stories. A Narrator Witness is like a history teacher sharing the truth, while fictional narrators are like authors making up exciting tales.


So, a Narrator Witness is someone who shares their real-life experiences or stories about important events. By listening to them, we can learn about history and understand what happened. They are like walking history books, filled with knowledge and stories to share with us!