Definition of Levigation

What is Levigation?

Levigation is a special process used to make things smooth and shiny. It originated a long time ago when people discovered that rubbing materials together can make them nice and polished. Today, you can find levigation being used in many different areas of everyday life.

Where is Levigation found in everyday life?

Levigation can be found in various places, like kitchens and bathrooms. For example, when we wash dishes using soap and water, we are actually levigating the dirty dishes to make them clean and shiny. Similarly, when we brush our teeth, we are levigating away the plaque to keep our teeth healthy.

Synonyms and Comparison

Levigation is also similar to another process called polishing. Both levigation and polishing make things smoother and shiny. They both involve rubbing and using materials like water or a polishing substance.

What does Levigation mean?

In conclusion, levigation is a process used to make things smooth and shiny. It is similar to polishing and can be found in everyday life, especially in areas like cleaning dishes and brushing teeth. So, the next time you see something nice and shiny, remember that it might have been levigated!