Definition of Laismo

What is Laismo?

Laismo is a linguistic phenomenon that occurs in the Spanish language. It happens when speakers use the pronoun “la” instead of “le” when referring to a feminine direct object. This is considered incorrect according to the rules of Spanish grammar.

Origin of Laismo

Laismo has its roots in various Spanish dialects and regional languages, as well as influences from Latin and other languages. It has become more common in certain areas of Spain and Latin America.

Where is Laismo found in everyday life?

Laismo is often found in spoken Spanish, particularly in specific regions and social groups. It may also be present in informal written communication, such as social media posts or text messages.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Laismo is similar to another linguistic phenomenon called “loismo,” which occurs when the pronoun “lo” is used instead of “le” for referring to a masculine direct object. Both laismo and loismo are considered incorrect in standard Spanish.


In conclusion, Laismo is the incorrect usage of the pronoun “la” instead of “le” in Spanish when referring to a feminine direct object. It originated from various Spanish dialects and regional languages and can be found in spoken and written communication. It is important to remember that laismo is not considered grammatically correct in standard Spanish.