Definition of Interpellate

What is Interpellate?

Interpellate is a big word that means to ask somebody a question or make a statement to get their attention. It’s like when a teacher asks a student in class, “What is 2+2?” and the student has to raise their hand and answer. That’s called interpellation!

Origin of Interpellation

The word “interpellate” comes from the Latin word “interpellare”, which means to interrupt. It was first used in politics to describe how politicians would interrupt each other during debates. Now, interpellate is used in everyday language to talk about any kind of questioning or interrupting

Where is Interpellation Found in Everyday Life?

We can see interpellation in many places in our daily lives. For example, when a parent asks their child, “Did you finish your homework?”, that’s interpellation. In school, teachers interpellate students by asking them questions. Even in conversations with friends, we use interpellation to get their attention or ask for their opinion.

Synonyms and Comparison

Synonyms for interpellate include words like question, ask, and inquire. It’s similar to when we raise our hands to answer a teacher’s question in class or when we pause a TV show to ask a friend, “What just happened?” Interpellation is a fancy word for these kinds of interactions.

Concluding Definition

So, interpellate means to ask somebody a question or make a statement to get their attention. We use it in different situations, like in school, at home, and even when talking to friends. It’s a way of interrupting or questioning to engage with others and learn more. Remember, next time someone interpellates you, it’s just their way of getting your attention!