Definition of Interlude

What is an Interlude?

An interlude is a short break or pause in between things. It can be a fun activity or a piece of music that helps you relax and take a break from daily routines.

Origin of Interlude

The word “interlude” comes from the Latin word “interludium,” which means “between the games.” In ancient times, interludes were performances or playful moments between different parts of a bigger event, such as theater plays or gladiator games.

Where can you find Interludes in everyday life?

Interludes can be found in various aspects of our daily lives. For example, during a long school day, we might have a break for recess or music class, which act as interludes. At home, you might take a quick break from studying to play with your pet, watch a short video, or listen to your favorite song.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Interludes are similar to breaks, pauses, or intervals. They are like little refreshing moments that help us recharge our energy and enjoy the present before getting back to our regular activities.

The Definition of Interlude

An interlude is a short and enjoyable break. It can be a brief moment of relaxation, a fun activity, or a piece of music that brings joy and diversion from our daily routines. Interludes help us take a breather, reset our minds, and return to our tasks with renewed energy and focus.