Definition of Instant

What is Instant?

Instant is something that happens without any delay. It happens right away, in a split second! Imagine snapping your fingers and getting what you want instantly! It’s like magic!

Origin of Instant

Instant comes from the Latin word “instans,” which means “standing near” or “being present.” The word reflects the immediate presence or occurrence of something.

Where do we find Instant in everyday life?

We find instant in many things we use in our daily lives. One great example is instant noodles. When you’re super hungry, you can cook these noodles in just a few minutes and enjoy a delicious meal right away! Another example is instant messaging. You can send messages to your friends or family and receive a reply instantly, even if they are far away!

Synonyms for Instant

Instant can also be called immediate, quick, or momentary. It’s all about things happening in the blink of an eye!

How does Instant compare to something close?

Instant is similar to speed because it’s all about things happening really quickly. Just like a cheetah being the fastest animal, instant is like the fastest way for something to happen! It’s like pressing a button and seeing immediate results.


To sum it up, instant means something happening without any delay. It’s like magic when things occur right away, in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s cooking instant noodles or sending instant messages, instant is all about things happening quickly. So next time you come across something instant, remember how awesome it is to get what you want in an instant!