Definition of Hard

What is Hard?

Hard refers to something that is difficult or requires a lot of effort to do or understand. It is a common term used to describe something that is not easy.

Origin of the Word

The word “hard” comes from the Old English word “heard,” which means strong or resistant. Over time, its meaning has evolved to represent something challenging.

Everyday Life

We encounter things that are hard in our daily lives. For example, solving a difficult math problem or learning a new skill can be hard. It often involves perseverance and practice to overcome the challenges.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Some synonyms for hard include difficult, tough, challenging, and demanding. It is similar to the concept of something being “tricky” or “not simple.”


In summary, hard refers to something that is not easy and requires effort and determination. It can be found in various aspects of our lives, from academics to acquiring new skills. By facing and overcoming things that are hard, we can grow and become stronger individuals.