Definition of Gregarious

What is Gregarious?

Gregarious is a word that describes an important personality trait. It means being friendly and enjoying the company of others. People who are gregarious love to socialize, make friends, and be part of a group. They are happy and comfortable in the company of others.

Origin and Everyday Life

The word “gregarious” comes from the Latin word “gregarius,” which means “of a flock” or “belonging to a herd.” This shows that animals like birds or zebras also have gregariousness. We can see gregariousness in our daily lives too. For example, when you enjoy playing with your friends at recess or when your family gathers together for a meal, that’s being gregarious.

Synonyms and Comparison

A synonym for gregarious is sociable. Being sociable means you like being around others and are friendly. It’s similar to being gregarious, which also means enjoying company and being social.


Gregarious is a cool word that describes friendly and sociable people. It means you enjoy being with others and making friends. Being gregarious is a great quality because it helps us build relationships and enjoy the company of others, just like animals who belong to herds or flocks. So, if you love being with friends and making new ones, you can proudly say that you are gregarious!