Definition of Fortune

What is Fortune?

Fortune is a special word that we often hear when it comes to luck and success. It describes the good things that happen to people in their lives. It is like a magical force that brings happiness and good opportunities.

Origin of Fortune

The word “fortune” comes from the Latin word “fortuna,” which means luck or chance. In ancient times, people believed that fortunes were decided by the gods and goddesses. They thought that certain actions or offerings could help bring a good fortune.

Where do we find Fortune in everyday life?

Fortune is all around us, even though we cannot see it. We might experience fortune when we win a game, make new friends, or get a good grade in school. It could also be finding a lucky penny or getting a surprise gift.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Fortune can be similar to words like luck, fate, or destiny. Just like how a coin has two sides, fortune can have a positive or negative impact on our lives. Sometimes, we might think a situation is unlucky, but it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Concluding Thoughts

Fortune is a mysterious and exciting thing in life. It is the good luck and success that can come our way unexpectedly. So, let’s hope for good fortune and keep a positive outlook on life. Remember, fortune smiles upon those who believe in its magic!


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