Definition of Football Pools

What are Football Pools?

Football Pools is a fun game that people can play to predict the outcome of football matches. In this game, players choose a set of football matches and try to guess which team will win, lose, or if the match will end in a draw. You can also predict the total number of goals scored in a match.

Origin of Football Pools

Football Pools started in the United Kingdom in the late 1920s. It became very popular because it allowed fans to engage with football matches in a different and exciting way. People used to fill out paper coupons and submit them along with their predictions.

Everyday Life

Football Pools are found in everyday life, especially during the football season. Many people play this game with family, friends, or even in special pools organized by companies. It’s a great way to have fun, test your football knowledge, and root for your favorite teams.

Synonyms and Comparison

Football Pools are also known as “Football Betting” or “Football Toto” in some countries. It is quite similar to fantasy football since both involve predicting match outcomes. However, in Football Pools, you make predictions for actual matches, while in fantasy football, you create teams with players and earn points based on their performance.


In summary, Football Pools are an enjoyable game where you predict football match outcomes. It has a long history and is commonly played during the football season. Football Pools are like a guessing game, where you test your predictions against the real match results. So grab your coupon, make your predictions, and have a blast playing Football Pools!