Definition of Feasible

What is Feasible?

Feasible may sound like a big and complicated word, but it’s actually quite simple to understand! Feasible means that something is possible or doable. When we say that something is feasible, we mean that it can be done or achieved.

Origin of the Word Feasible

The word “feasible” has its roots in the Latin language. It comes from the Latin word “facilis,” which means “easy” or “capable.” Over time, the word evolved and transformed into “feasible” in English.

Feasible in Everyday Life

Feasible is a word that we use in our everyday lives. Think about when you have a big project or a task to complete. You might wonder if it’s feasible to finish it on time. Feasible helps us understand if something is realistic or achievable.

For example, let’s say you want to build a treehouse in your backyard. Before you start, you need to consider if it’s feasible. This means thinking about whether you have enough materials, tools, and time to finish the project. If everything is in place and you can easily accomplish the task, then it is feasible to build the treehouse!

Synonyms and Comparisons

Sometimes, we can use similar words to describe something that is feasible. Some synonyms for feasible include possible, achievable, doable, and attainable. These words all express the same idea of something being realistic and able to be done.

Now, let’s compare feasible to something close. Imagine you have a jar full of marbles, and you want to know if it’s feasible to guess how many marbles are inside. Feasible would help you decide if it’s possible to make an accurate guess based on the information you have. It’s like using your knowledge and understanding to determine if something can be accomplished.

Concluding the Meaning of Feasible

In conclusion, feasible means that something is possible or doable. It is a word we use to describe whether a task or goal can be achieved. Feasible helps us determine if something is realistic and within our capabilities. It’s like having a sense of what we can accomplish based on our resources, knowledge, and time. So next time you’re faced with a challenge, ask yourself if it’s feasible and see how easily you can achieve your goals!