Definition of fatal

What is Fatal?

Fatal is a strong word that means something is really dangerous and can cause death. It’s really important to understand the meaning of fatal so we can stay safe!

Origin of the Word

The word fatal comes from the Latin word “fātālis” which means “causing or determined by fate.” In ancient times, people believed that some things were predetermined by fate, and if something was fatal, it meant that it was destined to happen and could cause death.

Everyday Life

In everyday life, we can find things that are fatal if we are not careful. For example, crossing a busy road without looking both ways or playing with fire can be fatal. It’s really important to pay attention to our actions and make safe choices to avoid any fatal situations.

Synonyms and Comparisons

Synonyms for fatal include deadly, lethal, and life-threatening. If something is fatal, it means it can kill you. It’s similar to a red traffic light – when we see it, we know we should stop because it indicates danger. Similarly, when something is fatal, we need to be aware and take precautions to protect ourselves.

In Conclusion

Fatal is a word that describes something really dangerous and life-threatening. It’s something we should take very seriously and be cautious about. Remember, it means that something can cause death, so it’s really important to stay safe, make smart decisions, and avoid any fatal situations.